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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

The Undertaker:

If you like WWE Smackdown then you'll love this magnificent idea.

To be the Undertaker you will need a black tight tank, a long black coat, black leather pants and a black hat and a lot of makeup.

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this new idea.

Another Idea:

Adding to "The Undertaker" costume. My son is dressing as the Undertaker this year.

  • Black Brimmed Hat (we found a white hat on sale for cheap! and spray painted it black)
  • Black long haired wig
  • Long black coat
  • Black "knuckle" gloves (or black gloves cut at the knuckles)
  • Black clothing and boots/shoes
  • Black makeup to make a mustache and goatee beard and sideburns
  • Don't forget black eyeliner around the eyes
Good Luck!

Thanks to Brenda for this terrific addition!

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