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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Hannah Montana:

Buy a long blond wig with bangs from a local costume store( Walk*Mart would work). Then just buy or put on a flashy shirt with a blue jean vintage mini skirt and leggings.

Then for the shoes just buy some glittery, slip-on flats that match the top. For make-up just use some frosty pink eye-shadow and (The creamy rub on works best) all the way up to the bottom of the eyebrow (A very thin layer).

You could also just apply some clear lip gloss. For extra fun you could buy a toy, microphone headset that attaches to your ear!

Thanks to Mikaela for this new idea.

Another Idea

Wear a long blond hair wig with bangs.

Maybe try to wear something similar to her clothes like some jeans, a shirt, jacket and light pink eye shadow

Thanks to Natalia for this addition

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Another Idea

List of things you'll need:

  • a sparkly long shirt
  • black or white leggings (depends on what color the shirt is)
  • boots or flats (white, black, silver, or gold)
  • light pink eye shadow
  • light pink lip gloss
  • light or dark pink blush (depends on your skin color)
Put all these things together to make the perfect HM outfit!

For blush: if your skin is a darker shade, wear light colors to bring out your face - if your skin is a lighter shade, where darks to bring out your face!

Thanks to Amanda for this great addition!

Another Idea

  • Flowy tank top
  • Cream military jacket or sparkly Shaw
  • Blonde wig with bangs and brown highlights
  • Sparkly scarf
  • Cowboy boots
  • Acid wash jeans or a denim skirt with leggings
  • Light pink eye-shadow
  • Light pink lip gloss
Thanks to Missy for this addition

Another Idea

If you want to be Hannah Montana when she meets the Queen, you have to look like her so

  • buy a long blond wig w/ bangs
  • wear a long strapless dress (if it is cold wear a red shawl)
  • get some long gloves that go up to your elbow
  • wear pink high heels
  • for make-up wear some light green eye shadow or light pink eye shadow dark or light pink lipstick and put some pink blush on
and voila! You are Hannah Montana

Thanks to Kitty Anna for this addition!

Another Idea

Things you'll need:

  • a flowy tank top or a sparkly shirt
  • acid wash jeans or a denim skirt with leggings
  • cowboy boots or flats (silver, white, black,or gold)
Plus wear light pink eye shadow, sparkly pink lipstick and light or dark pink blush.

Thanks to Sherry for this addition!

Another Idea

Take a plain hot pink top and use pink fabric paint to make a crown shape. Add dark blue (maybe black) bell bottom jeans and a cropped denim jacket.

Boots or high heels would make nice shoes and add funky jewlery. If your hair is long and blond, make an side to the right and straighten your hair.

Thanks to Zoey for this addition.

Hannah Montana Movie Dress Child Costume

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