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Hey! I have a great idea for a costume! You should be an artist! It sounds confusing, but trust me, it's not! This is what you'll need:

    - black beret
    - white, unwanted or stained button down shirt
    - several colors of acrylic paint
    - black turtle neck
    - black pants
    - black ballet shoes or slippers
    - hoop earrings (optional according to gender and age)
What to do:
This is easy. all you have to do is take your white shirt outside and splatter the paints on it randomly. Let it dry. Wear the paint shirt over your black turtleneck. wear the black beret tilted to the side like French people do. Wear the black pants and slippers. This creates a fun and easy costume that works well for people of any age.

P.S. If you are going trick or treating, try this! Take a white fabric bag (Perhaps with a drawstring) and splatter paint on it, too! You can use this for your candy bag! You can also carry a palette with dried paints on it. Or maybe just a big fat paintbrush.

Thanks to Asper for this very clever idea.

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