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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Classic Halloween Costume:

Goth Girl:

You'll need:

  • Black eyeliner
  • Fake black press-on nail or reg. black nail polish
  • Black lipstick and black eye shadow
  • Scull nail tattoo (Optional, but recommended)
  • Short Black dress
  • Black Net Tights
  • Chunky black boots
  • Many plastic black bracelets
First you put on the black net tights, short black dress, bracelets and chunky black boots.

Next it's time to apply make-up start with the black lipstick and eye shadow. Pick up eyeliner and make a vertical line starting from under your bottom middle eyelash (Optional) I got that idea from a Good Charlotte gothic guy.

Now the final touch quickly press on fake nails, but if your not allowed to use em' or couldn't get to them paint nails carefully . For quick dry softly blow on them and wait 30 secs and spray salon nail spray dryer. Tattoo scull.

Hair opinion: It would really help with the costume if you had charcoal black hair if not use long straight black hair wig or temporally spray black dye.

Have fun surprising them! Ta ta for now!

Thanks to DivaTigerLilly for this Goth idea!

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