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Siamese Twins:

My friend and I went as Siamese twins. We went to our local Senior citizens and bought 2 pair of jeans. Each of us had our own sizes but that doesn't matter. then we went and bought a denim needle and split each side of the jeans the left on the right persons jeans and the right seam on the left persons. Then we sewed the two together. We then slipped a cotton sweat shirt in between our legs and were finished with the pants.
The shirts all you do is cut the sleeves and the seams the same way you did to the pants.
For the shoes we bought 2 pair of 5 dollar shoes and painted a left and a right white and a left and a right black and it looked as if we were just one person. then we tied our left foot and right foot together but before we did that we put a towel under the rope so it was not to rub our skin. i would recommend leaving a small slit in the pair of pants that were sewn together.

Thanks to Sarah for this cool idea!

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