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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Figure Skater:

Hi my name is Kim and I've been figure skating for seven years. I notice that there are not many figure skating costumes out there so I decided to put one in.

All you need for a costume is either a body suit with a little wrap skirt OR a dress with a really short skirt. If you like you can put sparkles, sequins, boa's, or anything else you can imagine.

For skates you can either buy a cheap but comfy pair at Canadian Tire and wear them or put them over your shoulder.

Put glitter in your hair and put your hair in a bun. Make sure you put lots of makeup and glitter on your face!

Thanks to Kim for this easy and fun idea!

Another Idea:

I have an idea for a Halloween costume. An ice skater; Wear an ice skating dress, or a short skirt and a sweater. Put on skates with guards on, or carry them.

Put on makeup to make you look cold and put your hair in a bun. if you want, carry around a medal or a trophy.

Thanks to Shana B. for this addition!

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