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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Legally Blonde 2:

I love this Elle from Legally Blonde or Legally Blonde 2! All you need is:

  • Really cute pink outfit( preferably a suit )
  • Really cute pink heeled shoes
  • Pink Purse and put a stuffed animal dog in it
  • Last but not least you will need a blonde wig if your hair is not already blonde!

Have fun with this idea! It looks real cute!

Thanks to Whitney in Alabama for this great idea!

Another Idea

To be Elle Woods you will need

  • A blonde wig
  • Pink eye shadow
  • Bright pink lipstick
  • Pink gown
  • Chihuahua stuffed animal
  • Big purse
  • High high high heels
You will need to wear the blond wig. Put on a lot of pink eye shadow and lipstick. Buy a pink gown. Also find aChihuahuaa stuffed animal and put in purse with head sticking out. Put on high heels and use purse as trick or treat

Thanks to Elle (10) in Wisconsin for this addition.

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