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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Hilary Duff:

Wear a plaid mini skirt. A Light blond wig about down to shoulders with a purse and initial of H. For Hilary.

Wear a tank top or cami ( white is best ) and for shoes real black short boots or sandals.

You should dangle earrings and fake nails you can buy at drugstores. Makeup including eye shadow, blush, mascara etc. You can also wear a newsboy hat

Thanks to Kathy for this popular idea!

Another Idea

Get your favorite Hilary duff photo and go to a mall and buy the closest clothes to what she's wearing plus make up and a wig if your hair's not blonde.

If you know someone that can sew you can go to a fabric store and buy enough fabric in those colours so they can make the clothes.

Thanks to Caitlin for this addition

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The Perfect Man

Another Idea

You can pretty much say I am OBSESSED with Hil Duff! but here is a good idea for a Halloween costume (this is what am doing):

  • Get an old pair of black Capri, cut some holes in it and attach a silver chain on the side.
  • Get a white and a hot pink tank top and put them on top of each other (Hil loves tanks over each other)
  • Get a pair of hot pink high heels
  • Get a lot of cute accessories pink white and black
  • Get a blonde wig (if you don't have blonde hair) and make your hair wavy or put a clip in the front of your head, do the poof then pull the rest or your hair back in a messy bun!
Those are some good Hil or Haylie Duff costumes! I LOVE THEM!!

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this addition.

Another Idea:

I am Hil's #1 fan!

  • You'll need either a short jean skirt or ripped jeans.
  • Black boots or pointed pink high heels.
  • Either wear layered tank tops or any black shirt.
  • Wear dangly earrings a lot of long necklaces.
  • Wear a lot of make up and part your hair to the side.
and your Hilary have fun!!!

Thanks to Hilary's #1 Fan for this idea!

Another Idea

Hi, I am Hilarys number 1 fan. I suggest for Halloween to be Hilary Duff you can use these following items:

  • Blonde wig or spray your hair to make it blonde!
  • Jeans that are like cool, like me and Hilary or a cool plaid skirt
  • Eyeliner, green eyes or contacts and eye shadow, mascara and lips gloss or red lipstick
  • Heels, boots not that high or sandals!
  • And everything that you like about Hil
Thanks to Julia for this addition
Another Idea

Wear black leather mini skirt with a hot pink tank top with hot pink high heels to match. (If you can wear heels outside on Halloween, then and shoes that match the out fit will do.)

Dye hair blonde for the sake of Hilary, and get maybe hot pink streaks, and wear long dangly earrings, and necklace to match, (and remember Hilary's a neat freak!!)

A purse with a stuff dog that look's like Hilary's, lip gloss, blush, shimmery eye shadow(or black eye shadow) with lots of dark eye liner, and mascara. That would satisfy me on Halloween. (if you want you could go as her #1 fan too if it's easier?)

Thanks to The real Hilary Duff #1 fan for this addition.

Another Idea

A Cinderella Story - Hilary's Cinderella dress:

  • a white long dress.
  • any silver pair of dress shoes.
  • a white mask that covers the eyes.
That's all you need to do!

Thanks to Pmonkey for this addition.

Another Idea

Here is a costume of Hil:

Get a blonde wig. Put blue streaks in it and then get a green shirt and blue jeans and tan boots.

Get a fake stuffed little dog. Do the make-up how you think she wears it.

Thanks to Anna for this addition.

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