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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween


Be a clown.......EZ....get a rainbow wig, face paint and get some suspenders.

Thanks to AirdaleM for this easy idea!

Another Clown idea....

Three years ago I was a clown. You can find makeup around the house or at a near by store. First you put baby powder on then blue on one cheek and yellow on the other, one red on your lips and a green eye.

Thanks to Jessica for the tips!

Another idea...

You need:

    ~ a clown costume [w/ clown nose, big shoes, and clown suit wig, ect ect]
    ~ a set of face paint [preferably white, brown, black, and gray]
Get the clown suit and wig really dirty, cut slits in the nose and smudge the shoes. Then Paint your face white w/ gray around the eyes. Using the black, add cheek bones. Using the gray add 5 o'clock shadow. Finally, using the brown smudge your whole face!!

Thanks to Jake in NY for this idea!

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