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Greek God/Goddess:

To start out with this costume you will at least need one white sheet. Then cut a hole in the top. Cut or hem the bottom of it until it fits you.

Then if you are a God then you would take one side of it and take it over in shoulder. Get gold ribbon to tie around the shoulder strap and use it for a belt.

Then for Goddess' you would do pretty much the same only cutting two straps covering both shoulders. Then take gold ribbon and tie around both straps.

Then you will need olive wreaths to go over your head.

This costume also looks good with gold or black sandals. And for make up you may want to wear glitter if you are a girl. This also looks well with gold or leather straps wrapping around your knee! And have a GREAT AND GHOULISH Halloween!

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this great idea!

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