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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Goth Boy:

You need:

  • black pants and shirts
  • black nail polish and eye liner and lip stick
  • fake tattoos
  • a skull ring
  • chains
  • white Goth powder
  • vampire fangs
First put on like 5 coats of black nail polish. Then if you know how to, put on black tears with the eyeliner (like Benji Madden from gc).

Put on the black lipstick (if you want you don't have to but it goes good). Then put on skull tattoos, stores like Hottopic for skull rings (you don't need them if you cant get them).

Put on chains that almost touch the ground and then put on the power so your skin is really ghost white. Put in the fangs and there you go, you have a Goth boy costume.

Thanks to Steph for this idea!

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