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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Tin Man:

My son was the tin man last year. We took a brown grocery sack and spray painted it silver cut holes for head and arm and drew on a red heart.

For the cap we took a large funnel and painted it silver added a piece of elastic to wear under the chin to hold it in place. We also painted his face silver with a little red on the nose.

He wore grey sweatpants but you could do tights if you wanted. It was a hit at his preschool class. Plus, it was nostalgic for me to see that kids this young actually know who the tin man is. We used a grocery sack instead of cardboard box so that it was a little more giving....he could actually sit. Enjoy.

Thanks to Misty for this great idea!

Wizard of Oz Tinman Child Small

Wizard of Oz Tinman Child Small

Can you get me oil can?!

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