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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Rejected Pop Star:

Here's what you do:

    Write REJECTED on forehead, POP on right cheek, and STAR on left cheek!
    Heavy heavy badly put on make-up
    Lots and lots of glitter
    Two different shoes
    Chunky nail polish that is all different colors and chipped and bumpy
    Dark blue jeans
    Loose shirt half-way tucked in half way out.
    Belt that is not in all the belt loops and doesn't match.
    Funky messed up hair-do, or should I say hair-don't?
    Messy lip stick
    Headset or mic
    Write REJECTED on hands.
    Write REJECTED on trick-or-treat bags/pumpkin, w/e we are using to put CANDY in.
    Lot's of bracelets necklaces and a lot of earrings on cartilages

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this easy and fun idea!

Diva Microphone Headpiece

Diva Microphone Headpiece

No Diva costume would be complete without this microphone headpiece!

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