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This is a really cool costume that really will scare the pants off your friends!

Medusa was a mythical woman who had snakes for hair (if you have seen Monsters Inc., she looks kind of like Mike's girlfriend). She could turn a person into stone if they looked at her. One day she was out-smarted and turned herself into stone by looking into a mirror.

This costume is for long haired people.

All you need is:

    1. Long black dress or cloak
    2. Lots of rubber snakes
    3. Hair bands
    4. Face paint
    5. Fake fangs
1. Put on the dress/cloak
2. Make pony-tails all over your head and tie the rubber snakes into your hair
3. Paint your face a pale green by mixing green, gray, white, and yellow
4. Put on fangs

Thanks to Lisa for this great idea!

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