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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Southern Belle:

This is for a southern belle all you need is a big red hat and a long red dress (or you can change the color according to your liking) some long red gloves and there you go!

Thanks to Barkagirl for this fun idea!

Another Idea...

You can wear a simple formal ball gown for this, preferably in darker colors. You can almost ALWAYS find something at the Goodwill that would be perfect. Try to find something with ruffles.

Accessorize your costume with:

  • A parasol
  • A fancy hat
  • A wig with banana curls or try curling your own hair
  • Shawl and Lace gloves
  • Lacy fan
  • Crinoline to give your skirting an extra poof and bounce to it, if available of course!!!!
Talk with southern drawl and you are set to go. Footwear is easy, put on whatever you'd like since your feet will more than likely not be seen.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this addition.

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