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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Popular Kid:

If popular kids get on your nerves you should be one!

All you need is a preppy schoolgirl dress, super short of course, with black knee-high boots and extra long blonde wigs.

To top it off say things like boo-yah

Thanks to Maya for this popular idea!

Another Idea - Super Popular Girl


    You will want to wear dark, faded Hypster jeans( or low rise)
    A shirt with a funny saying on it or a tight pink shirt
    Wear a Memorial or Different Sweatshirt supporting your school or a high school of a type
    Wear below ankle piggy, snoopy, or any other cute socks
    Wear your hair in an upside down bun w/bangs pulled out
    Wear tennis shoes
    Makeup: powder, blush, lip gloss, and mascara
To make your look awesome like you're on top of the world say things like; Bam /B-AA-mm/

Thanks to Caitlin in Indiana for this idea.

Another Idea

I'm one of the those girls so I would kinda know how to dress....


  • mini skirt
  • a polo shirt
  • a sweater or vest
  • high heels
  • cute necklace
  • ring
  • bracelet
  • sparkley eye shadow
  • lip gloss
  • blush
  • mascara
Top everything off with saying "THAT'S HOT!" or "BAM".... I hope you have fun trying out a life style like mine!

Thanks to Jen for this addition

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