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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

A 3-Year Old:

Teens like to do this one. You'll need a pair of house slippers. They'll have to have a character from a cartoon show on them ( ex.) Tweety Elmo Taz Sylvester bugs bunny also, you'll need a pajama set, consisting of a pair of pants and a night shirt. the pajama set and slippers should have the same character (s) on it.
For your face and hair you'll need this:
Face: red lipstick in circles on cheeks with black or brown eyeliner for freckles. Hair: for long hair use 2 ponytail holders with the same character on them and make pig tails. for short hair take sides and part of the back and leave bottom strands alone with what you have put in a ponytail.
Carry around a bottle or a toddler cup filled with juice or milk and be on your way!!!

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this idea!!!

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