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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween

Miss Hawaiian Tropics:

First you will need:

  • sun dress
  • tiara
  • high heeled shoes
  • tan (real or fake sunless tanner)
  • an old sheet(for the banner)
  • sunglasses
  • white shirt to go under the dress (depending on how cold it is)
  • pink nail polish
  • marker
  • saftey pin
Put on the white shirt and then the sun dress. Leave hair down and put on tiara with bobby pins if needed. Put on your sunglasses. Paint your nails pink or red. Let dry. Put on your shoes.

Now take the old sheet and cut it length wise and safety pin the ends like a sash. Write across it "Miss Hawaiian Tropics". Put the sash on.

Walk around saying things like "OHH these steps are way worse than my thigh master!" Do the ditzy blonde act.

Thanks to Morgan for this fun idea

Miss Hawaii
  • A bright floral dress, preferably floor length
  • A fake lei (if available)
  • A long black or brown wig
  • A sash
  • A pair of high heels
  • A crown
Write Miss Hawaii on the sash. Put the dress on, then the sash, the wig, and the crown. Lastly, put on the high heels and the fake lei. Walk around, say "Aloha" and do that pageant wave. There you are, Miss Hawaii. Put it all together and you're good to go.

Thanks to Pageant dude for this additional idea

Child Two Tone Blue / Green Grass Skirt

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