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Orphan Annie:

To be an Orphan you need:

  • Messy hair in pig tails at different angles(red curly wig if you want to be Annie.)
  • Dirty faces and hands
  • Very old Button up dress(dirty with dirt stains and wrinkly.)
  • Old wrinkly apron( you can add rips in it if you want.)
  • Cardigan sweater
  • Old socks( different angles, one up to knees and one near your ankles.)
  • Old brown dirty shoes or lace up boots(not the fancy ones)
  • Broken Locket( If you're being Annie)
  • Stuffed or real shaggy dog for Sandy
  • Wash cloth in your hand and bucket.

If you want to be the Annie with the red dress you'll need:

  • Red curly wig
  • You can buy the red dress, sew it or find a red-collared dress above the knees( but not too short!) White belt around waist
  • A new locket
  • The stuffed or real dog for sandy
There you go! You can go as a regular orphan or Annie, or you can try the Rich "Daddy's Girl" Annie.

Thanks to *Broadway Babii* for this new idea.

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