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If you want to be a nerd all you need is a scientist's outfit and some glasses with the nose and the moustache and put a bunch of doctor's tools in your coat pocket and that's it..........

Thanks to Kendra for this fun idea!

Another Nerdy idea:

Last year for Halloween I was a nerd and I wore plaid pants and a white shirt with a vest over it. I wore suspenders and a pocket protector with lots of pens in them and then i put my hair in three ponytails and braided them wear really high socks and wear slip on shoes .

Thanks to Megan for this addition.

Here's another Nerdy idea:

Wear high-water pants, cuffs about 7 inches from the floor, a white shirt buttoned un-evenly, a sweater vest, a bright tie, suspenders, one white sock one colored, saddle shoes and dark-frame glasses with white tape around the nose piece. For that extra touch, use a pocket protector and carry a calculator in your pocket. Carry a ORACLE book or other computer book with you.

Thanks to ~ME~ for this idea!

Another Nerd

All you need is a white collared long sleeve shirt under a vest, black pants (or skirt for girls), a fake pair of glasses, and black shoes. Wear your hair in a bun with pencils through it. And last, but definitely not least, a piece of paper taped to your back saying something like "Kick Me" or "Pinch Me, I'm A Nerd" on it. Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Liz for this addition

Another idea...

Go alone, or with a friend. Dress up like a nerd. It's really simple. All you have to do is wear big grey sweat pants, pull them up to your waist. Then wear a funky-looking shirt.

Optional, but more good ideas:

  • Put on a wig (to make this even dorkier make the wig a big one with a bright colour. A perfect example: orange.)
  • Wear big, round, black glasses like Harry Potter.
This funny idea was sent in by Carly & Allison
7th Grade Nerd

I have an idea that for a nerd costume you could wear a collared shirt or an ESS shirt and pull your PE shorts over them. Put on toe socks while wearing sandals and mess up your hair however you like.

I also recommend that you draw on fake freckles(if you don't already have them, no offense) and wear a feather boa around your neck.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this one

Another Idea

For Halloween this year I am a nerd.

I am wearing:

  • a really high brown pleated skirt
  • White tights
  • Brown shoes
  • Plaid shirt
  • Taped glasses
  • Pocket protector
  • crooked pigtails
  • Dorky belt

Thanks to Da Ducky Queen for this addition!

Another Idea

Here's how to be a nerd. You need penny loafers or lace up Oxfords, tall white socks (pull the socks all the way up to your pants), pants that are too short, and then put on a belt, plaid, flannel shirt, pocket protector with lots of pens, pencils, calculator, etc.

Find or borrow some old glasses, Don't forget to tape the corners.

Thanks to Kelly for this addition.

Another Idea

To be a nerd wear:

  • High pants with suspenders and belt
  • Put your hair in a bun with pencils through it
  • Long sleeved shirt tucked into pants
  • High striped socks
  • Pocket protector with lots of pencils and pens
  • Sign taped on back saying kick or hit me
  • Glasses with tape in the center
  • Funky ugly tie
  • Draw freckles on face (If don't have them)
  • Ugly fake teeth (If you don't have braces)
  • Ugly slide on shoes
You will look nerdy for sure!

Thanks to Jag for this additional idea

Another Idea - For Girls!

Geek/Dork/Nerd for girls

  • Tie (it makes girls look dorkier)
  • Knee high socks (I recommemd tube socks. they make the look dorky)
  • Plain white t-shirt or collared shirt tucked into your pants
  • Suspenders
  • Shorts or bermuda shorts (khaki or plaid) or your PE shorts
  • Nerdy Glasses with tape on the nose piece
  • Mess up your hair however you'd like
  • Slip on shoes or toe socks with sandals
  • and the final touch...a sign on your back that says NERD or KICK ME
Thanks to Nicole for these additions!

Another Idea

Cool Nerd for girls

  • Converse High tops or vans
  • Knee high socks
  • Plaid skirt (Pleated is optional)
  • Plain white t-shirt or collared shirt (With optional poofy sleeves)
  • Black bow tie
  • A bow in your hair
  • Pigtails or a ponytail
  • Dorky Glasses
Thanks to Nicole for this "cool" addition!

Another Idea

My husband and I went as nerds for Halloween and he wore the plaid shirt with suspenders and a pocket protector with the high-waters.

I had the poofy-sleeved white shirt with a really obnoxious sweater vest and high-waters but I wore my daughter's Hello Kitty backpack which is way too small for me and a bicycle helmet.

I rolled one leg higher and tucked it into my sock like I had ridden my bike there. Both my hubby and I had glasses with tape.

Gotta love Halloween!!

Thanks to Kim for this fun addition!

Another Idea

This is a cute nerd for girls:

Buy a Star Wars or Star Trek shirt and tuck it into high waisted shorts. Now remember, just because they are high waisted doesn't mean they have to be long!

Next, you'll need suspenders and tube socks with stripes at the top. Also, get some of those nerd looking glasses and wear black Converse.

So cute!

Thanks to anonymous submitter for this addition!

Another Idea

Well, I believe there are many ways to define a nerd, so please don't limit your ideas of a nerd to just one. There are many types, these are just some of the things to wear if your a smart looking nerd:

  • Wear thick rimmed glasses with tape on the nose part
  • Wear a fro wig, or part your hair right down the middle
  • Wear high wadder khakis
  • Converse, Keds, tennis shoes
  • Carry books
  • Suspenders
  • Belt
  • Pull your pants up as high as they go
  • Bow tie
  • Tie
  • Blush your cheeks, other than that NO MAKEUP
  • Wear a collared shirt with a pocket
  • Stuff it with pens and pencils
  • Talk in a squeaky voice
  • Carry scientifical stuff
  • Look wimpy
Good luck!

Thanks to Lexi for these great additions!

Another Idea

Here is a nerd costume idea.

  • Blue plaid shirt
  • Striped sock
  • Polka dot sock
  • Glasses
  • White tape for the middle of the glasses
  • Plaid converse
  • 2 pony tails
  • Skinny jeans that u can roll up to your knees.
Thanks to Kaylee & Mikayla for these terrific ideas!

Another Idea


You need:

    Black hi-top Converse
    Plain white tee
    Knee socks

Accessory, Hair, and Makeup ideas:

    2 high pigtails
    Winged out eyeliner
    Black mascara on BOTH top and bottom lashes
    Ruby red lipstick-(lipstick lasts longer)
    Thick black nerdy glasses I add fishnet and/or skull and bone gloves
    Bowtie on neck

Thanks JJ for this addition!

Nerd Glasses

Nerd Glasses

Includes "coke-bottle" glasses.

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