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Halloween Costumes Halloween

Dead Bride/Groom:

Just get a white dress-up dress and have the boy have a old suit that you don't care about ruining and rip it some and put fake blood and make-up on!! Have Fun!!

Thanks to Kaylene for this creepy idea!

Another Idea

Here's a great idea!!! Why not be a Dead Bride. Just take a old wedding dress ( you can find one a local Goodwill) and tear a few holes in it.

Then take black eye shadow and smear it over some of the dress. Next take the eye shadow and put it around your eyes! If you want you can put some fake blood on the dress if you want.

After you are done you can go TRICK OR TREATING!! HAVE FUN!!

Thanks to McKenzie for this additional idea.

Another Idea

Corpse Bride:

  • old/cheap wedding dress
  • black lipstick and mascara and eye shadow
  • long fake nails
  • white and black face paint
  • dress shoes
  • old nylons
First you put on the wedding dress, then you put on the old nylons, if so, rip them.

Then wear the dress shoes and put the white face paint all over your face and use the black and put lines down your face like cuts!

Put the mascara on then the eye shadow and the lipstick after you put the lipstick on get someone to help put on the nails!

There you go a perfect corpse bride!

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this addition!

Another Idea

For a dead bride, you will need a white dress, a vail, and a fake rose.

Thanks to Janet for this addition

Another Idea

You can be an abused princess (or a bride) It's almost like a dead one, just not quite dead ^_~ Okay, so all you need is

  • Old off-white dress.
  • Old nylons
  • Broken Tiara
  • Fake Nails (red or white)
  • Make-Up (dark eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, etc)
  • Fake Blood
Take the old dress (if it has sleeves, rip a slit in one of them) and put some CASUAL-lookinh holes in it. Do the same with the nylons.

Put on the eye shadow all around your eyes, so it makes your eyes look darker...A lot darker. You can also make your face more white with blush or face paint. Put the lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, etc. on. Now your face should look like...well, weirdish and dark. Get the eyeliner and put a line on your forehead (a slanted line, small, maybe 1 inch or so) and put fake blood around it so it now looks like a cut. Maybe put a little blood coming out of your nostril, to look like you have a bloody nose. --You can also put some blood and eye shadow on the dress to make it look dirty and bloody.

Okay, the tiara...put it on. Then put on the nails. If you can't get any fake long nails, just paint your nails red or pink and chip off some nail polish on a few fingers (make it look natural)

Now your all set!! Have fun. I bet everyone will guess your a DEAD princess, but your NOT. You've just been abused =] This is what I am be for Halloween, 2006.

Thanks to Kayla for this addition!

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