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Asian Girl:

Hi, I'm Fi. If you want to be a Asian girl for Halloween all you have to do is this:

    1.) Buy a set of Asian style dress or pajamas. You can get them at stands in the mall, or a Japanese market. You can also order them online. I got mine in China Town in NY.

    2.) Pull your hair up into a bun, and insert chopsticks crisscrossing in the bun. If you hair is too short for a bun, use a big clip to pull it back. Still too short? Just put a flower behind your ear. (I recommend to use a fake flower and secure it with a barrette. Real flowers may start to wilt, and the barrette keeps the flower from falling out.) If desired you can use both the chopstick bun and the flower idea.

    3.) If you want to use some makeup, use blush, pink, or red face paint, to make medium circles on your cheeks. then, you can use mascara on your eyelashes, and give yourself pink or red lips

    4.) Instead of having a candy bag that doesn't go with your outfit, try a basket (with no handles)that looks either Asian decorative, or a neutral basket, like light, tan colored, tight woven wicker. You can hold it with one arm on the hip and fill it with candy.

Thanks to Fi for this easy idea.

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