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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:


My cousin dressed up as a lamp last year. It is very cute on anybody under 7 but looks good on people above that age too. All you need is a lampshade, a white shirt, felt tip markers and white leggings.
Draw lots of little lamps on your white shirt and white leggings, put your lampshade on your head and your done!

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this very enlightening idea!!

Lamp on a Table:

First you take a box and cut out head and arm holes. Then you take a tablecloth and cut in the same places.

Place it on the box so the had and arm holes on the tablecloth are in aligned with the ones on the table.You can glue a popcan to the table if you want. When it is Halloween put a lamp shade over your head. And if you wanted to go over the top you could put a litlle push lamp on the top so you could light up your neighborhood!

Thanks to Rhianna for this very fun idea!!

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