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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

Hugging Pillow:

You will need a sleeping-bag and layers of 3 thin and 1 thick jacket (if u dont mind)and a warm thick vest.
What to do: Put at least 4 layers of jackets on. You then usa a vest on. (its not bad) Put the sleeping-bag over you up-side-down and cut a place for your face or just eyes and a place four arms and (I put on tights and attached soft things on it.
Notice: male 12 yrs and I did this. No girls liked me until I did this (now I got a girl friend;)) I got a TON OF HUGS from girls (some in high school) so, guys TRY THIS!!!!

Thanks to leaderGrandMaster for this fun and creative idea!

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