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Unique Ideas:

Q Tip:

Cut a large Q out of felt and pin to any color of shirt.
Using fabric paint, write the word a "tip" on another piece of white felt and pin below the Q.
Example: Tip: Don't play with matches. Now you are a Q-Tip.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this very clever idea!!

Another Idea

Used Q-tip

I am not a mom who is into the old boring Halloween costumes so last year for my childs second Halloween I decided to do something just off the wall. She was a used Q-tip ( you know what you clean your ears with ) and she was the hit of the neighborhood.

I got a white toboggan, a white onsie, some white tights, a pair of white socks, white tennis shoes, cotton balls, small paint brush and some fabric glue, o, and yellow fabric paint.

I cut the toboggan so that when I put it on her head I did not have to fold it over or anything, it fit just right. And then I cut the bottom out of the socks. What I mean by that is I cut them so that they would snuggly fit, stretch over the top of her tennis shoes. That way when she walked she was not walking on the sock and slip and fall.

Then I took the cotton balls and stretched them out, not to where they were just falling apart though, just enough that I could glue them on the toboggan. I glued them all over the toboggan and all over the socks the same way and let them dry.

When the toboggan was dry I took a small paint brush and painted just lightly enough to see the yellow tip.

Thanks to a fun mom for this idea!

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