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Unique Ideas:

Human Heart:

An easy costume to make, just purchase a big red sheet OR 2 red pillow cases. Wear a red long sleeved shirt and blue slacks or jeans.

If you are a little person and can use the pillow cases:

    Cut a hole in the bottom of the pillow cases (on the sewed up end) large enough for your leg to fit into. Make sure the hole is towards one side, rather than the middle.

    Make a V shaped cut on the opposite side of the pillow case, or just cut another hole. This is where your arm will go. It might help to step into the pillow case first, to measure the height properly.

    You can also skip this step, and just safety pin the top of the case to your red shirt. step into the pillow cases, and stuff them with newspaper, but don't stuff it too much, because you want to look like you are a beating heart, and the paper shifting around, will help you achieve this image.

    Then safety pin the top of the pillow case, preferably above the shoulder. It might also help to safety pin a paper to each shoulder, if the pillow cases are long, and also adds to the roundness.

If you use the sheets, just basically cut the sheets to the correct proportions, and use safety pins, if you like.

Presto! You are now a beating human heart, complete with arteries and ventricles!!! Happy Halloween!

Thanks to Gillian and Logan from Orlando FL for this very creative idea!

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