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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

Flower Pot:

My daughter Rachel who is 4 years old in this photo wanted to be a flower pot for Halloween.

I went and bought a ton of silk summer colored flowers and a grey sweatshirt and a flower pot.

I hand sewed all of the flowers on to the shirt and hat, cut out the bottom of a plastic flower pot and hot glued some fake butterflies and bees and ribbon to it.

To hold it up I got some duct tape and Velcro straps and silver loose leaf rings for a binder and a pair of suspenders. I taped the Velcro strips to the inside of the flower pot with the rings in between them and then just clamped the suspenders to them.

For added fun her trick or treat bucket is a watering can! She won a ton of costume contests with this costume!

Thanks to Shannon for this creative idea and photo.

Photo submitted by and copyright to Shannon

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