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This costume was made with paper mache. I used the biggest exercise ball I could find to make the form.

I cut out fabric that had flowers on it and I used Mod Podge to adhere to the form.

I used satin blanket binding for the ribbon and bow. I saturated it with Modpodge to make it look like ceramic.

The lid was made out of the bottom of a plastic cake holder and a paper plate on top with a rubber ball on top for the knob, then I covered the whole thing in paper mache. Don't forget to attach some holder into the cake holder for the ribbons that hold it onto the head.

The spout was made out of 4 inch dryer vent and the handle was made out of 3 inch dryer vent. Attach these after you have done several layers of paper meche. I used duct tape to attach the spout and handle to the paper meche ball.

I left the exercise ball inflated until all of this was dry. After they are attached you will need to do several more layers of paper meche.

This costume won first place in our town's contest . I hope these instructions are helpful. I made this for my grandaughter. It was truly a labor of love, and it was a lot of work.

Thanks to Barbara for this amazing idea and photo.

Photo submitted by and copyright to Barbara Cryer

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