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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

Little Deviled Egg:

I have this great idea for a cute costume. You need a lot of white foam, a little bit of red construction paper, a little bit of yellow paper, some devil horns and a devil tail.

You fit the white foam around your body in the shape of an egg (with head sicking out) and you glue an oval shape peice of large construction yellow paper on the stomach and cut little tiny squares over the top.

Add some devil horns on your head and maybe a tail and you are a little deviled egg!

Thank to an Tx for the great idea!

Another idea....

For this costume.... you need a devil costume of your choice, white foam, yellow foam, and red glitter(optional)

Take the white foam and cut out little egg shapes(lots), then take the yellow foam and cut more egg shapes out of that(a little bit smaller) then glue the yellow shapes on the white ones, then put some glue on the eggs and sprinkle red glitter on it for paprika(optional). Now glue all the eggs on the devil costume. And you are ready to go!!!

Thanks to Skaterchick for this additional idea!

Another Idea

Cut out a shape and make it look like an egg. Then cut out a circle that is yellow make it smaller than the egg. Then get some horns put them on your head. If you want you can also make a staff with 3 points.

Thanks to Gabby for this addition.

Another Idea

For this costume you get some white foam and make into an egg shape and put some yellow glitter in the middle.
Then you put on a red tank top or sweater and red skirt. Put black glitter on the skirt (optional.

Wear horns, black lipstick,and some black boots or sandals. Carry a pitchfork.

Thanks to Ashley for this addition.

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