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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Unique Ideas:

John Deere Tractor and Farmer:

My son Caleb has Cerebral Palsy and is in a wheelchair. Last year I wanted to incorporate his wheelchair into his costume.

I took 3 project boards and spray painted them with a glossy John Deere green color. After they dried I painted one to look like a grill on the front of a tractor and added two headlights cut out of yellow construction paper. Then with a two more project boards I cut out two large and two small wheels for the tractor and painted the centers yellow. I velcroed these to the green boards for the sides.

I put the tray on the wheelchair and attached Velcro to the boards for the front and the side pieces and then placed Velcro on the edge of the tray to attach the pieces to the wheelchair.

I dressed Caleb in a flannel shirt, overalls and work boots and sprayed temporary gray coloring in his hair.

He won first place in a local Halloween costume contest with this one.

Thanks to Jennifer and Caleb for this terrific and creative idea!

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