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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

Bag of Jelly Beans:

Take a big clear bag and cut holes for legs and blow up different colored balloons and put them inside the bag and write on the bag "Jelly Beans" and then with a piece of ribbon close the bag around the neck and make a bow with it.

Thanks go to Kim for this interesting idea!!

Another idea...

Take a bunch of balloons and put them all over yourself except in the back (so you can sit down). Then get a clear trash bag and cut a hole for your head and arms. After that put a big J in front of the bag and put it over you. You will be a bag of jelly beans.

Thanks to Soccergirl for this idea.

Another Idea

You Need:

  • Any Color Jump Suit (shirt and pants)
  • A bunch of colored blew up balloons
  • Plastic paint floor covering (clear)
  • Colored hair spray (same color as jump suit)
  • Colored paper and black marker
    1. Put jump suit on and colored hair spray on.
    2. Lay plastic paint floor covering on the floor.
    3. Cut two holes in the middle of the covering.
    4. Step in the 2 holes with feet and pull to the top of your shoulders and staple across so that it connects the back and front together.
    5. Insert the balloons on either side of the floor covering and staple up after inserting all balloons inside.
    6. Take colored paper and black marker and write on the paper saying "Jelly Belly's"
    7. Staple the sign to the plastic floor covering.

    And now your a perfect bag of Jelly Belly's.

    Thanks to Joni and Sarah from West Virginia for this fun addition.

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