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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

Cheese Sandwich:

Get two pieces of white poster board and cut them to look like Sandwich bread--paint or color about 1-inch along the edges brown for the crust.
Pick other colors of poster board to be the Sandwich contents -- one color of yellow for the cheese (cut a couple of big circles in it for Swiss cheese), another for the mustard. One color of green for pickles (you can cut two nice-sized pickle rounds out of one piece of poster board), another for the lettuce (cut jaggy edges for more leafy look).
Glue or tape a couple pieces of the contents to the inside of each piece of "bread" and use rope as shoulder straps to attach the two parts together. Wear red sweats for ketchup (or yellow sweats for mustard and use a red piece of poster board for ketchup). The possibilities are endless.

Thanks to Beth in Ohio for this very unique idea!!

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