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Audrey 2

Hey! I'm a huge LSOH fan, like you wouldn't believe.

Anyway, this year I'm thinking about being Audrey for Halloween. But, my friend said I should be the plant Audrey 2. I thought that's not a bad idea.(Plus, I can do the voice really well!) Anyway, if you want to be that hungry plant, this is what you need:

  • Green Turtleneck
  • Brown pants(for the pot it's in.)
  • Put vines in you outfit
  • Leaves/petals sticking out of your shirt around the neck and sleeves.
  • If you can dye/spray paint your hair green in a ponytail or bun(or buy a wig put a ponytail in that.)
  • Paint you face green and put plant marks on it.
  • For your lips use red lipstick
  • Wear green gloves
  • Brown shoes
  • If you can put leaves on your head
FINALLY: When you talk use a very deep voice and sound demanding. Go up to your friends and say:"FEED ME!" In your voice.

There you go, you'll win any contest your in. Have fun, and remember: DON'T FEED THE PLANTS!

Thanks to *Suddenly Seymour* for this unique idea!

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