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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

Spilled Spaghetti:

Things you need:
A red sweat suit, a strainer,a plastic one works better so you can fasten it with bobby pins, yellow yarn, Brown felt ( to cut your own meat balls) or Brown pom-poms, a piece of cardboard, bobby pins and velcro.

What you need to do:
Cut a circle out of your cardboard and attach strands of yarn any length you wish. Put that inside of strainer and fasten with bobby pins. take your meat balls and attach with velcro all over your sweat suit. Put the strainer on your head like a hat and there you have it.......what a mess to clean up!!!!!

I hope you like this idea I made this last year and won first place at my daughters party at school.

Thanks to Doodles for this very fun idea!

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