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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:


First you get black sweat pants and sweat shirt.
Then you take a needle and thread and attach some plastic trees, cows, barns, anything you like. Make sure when you are sewing have adult supervision and you leave enough string attached so that when you spin it looks like a tornado.

Thanks to Angela for this very neat idea!

Another Idea

Hi, my name is Kayla and I had the idea of being a tornado for Halloween too. Here's what you do, you wear a black sweat suit with cows and little houses taped onto it, and there you're a tornado! (you can make the houses out of cardboard or paper. You can also find an assortment of farm animals at most stores that carry toys.) You can also paint you face gray or black with face paint.

Thanks Kayla for this addition!

Another Idea

This Halloween my son plans on being a tornado, but we are doing more than just a black sweat suit. We are starting with the black or gray sweat suit.

We plan on taking a hula hoop and wrapping it with tinfoil. In a spiral fashion will fashion a tornado which will go around his body. I then plan on covering the wire with tinfoil and then with gray or white netting.

I am going to attach the trees, cows, buildings, and whatever we find interesting like debris with fishing line. Of course we will cut armholes in the netting, so the costume can slip over the body. We plan to attach the hula hoop with string to a stocking cap.

Thanks to Kim in Minnesota for this idea!


You need:

  • black garbage bag
  • a lot of cotton balls
  • glue (or tape)
  • scissors
  • toy cars (optional)
Cut three holes ,one for the head and two for the arms.Glue the cotton balls, toy cars, and any thing else you can think of that would be in a hurricane around the garbage bag. There you go, a hurricane.

Thanks to Grace Ann for this addition!

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