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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

Cereal Killer:

  • Black sweat suit
  • 5-15 Cereal boxes depending on how tall you are
  • A fake knife
  • String
  • Fake blood
Put on the sweat suit first then Put the cereal boxes on your arms, legs and the rest of your body besides your head. Tie them together with the string (so all cereal boxes are connected) then put the fake blood on and the knife in your hand.. and your ready to go....

Thanks to Melissa for this very clever idea!!!

Another Idea

Don't be afraid it's not really a serial killer its more like a "cereal" killer.

What to do:

    1. Get a white T-shirt
    2. Gather small empty boxes of cereal and glue them to the shirt
    3. Get a big spoon and put fake blood all over it ( in other words red paint)
    4. You can also put red paint or fake blood on the T-shirt.

Thanks to Miriam for this addition

Another Idea

For this Halloween I am going to be a cereal killer.

You need cereal boxes, red paint, plastic knives and a white T-shirt.

What you do is take the cereal boxes and put holes in them. Then you stick the plastic knives in and put the red paint all over them and the boxes. Just hang or stick them to a T-shirt and you are all set!!!

Have Fun

Thanks to Stephanie for this addition!

Another Idea

Be a Cereal Killer's victim -- find out how, here.

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