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Unique Ideas:

Flower Garden

My daughter decided she wanted to be a flower garden last year.

I went to the local Goodwill and bought an adult medium green sweatshirt, and some green leggings (Stretch pants, or tights)........ and we bought a TON of plastic flowers. Some were wreaths, some were garlands, some were for a vase. Some were kept together while other flowers were cut apart.

Then I simply hand stitched these things onto the sweatshirt. I am NOT a seamstress at all. I did this with a big yarn needle and blue yarn! (Thats all I had around).

We turned a flowered wreath upside down for a crown, and hand tied flowers on the top of it. All I did then was to paint flowers on her cheeks.

This was an award winning, absolutely adorable costume that EVERYBODY commented on & Loved!!!!!!!

Thanks to Jen for this great idea and terrific photo!


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