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Unique Ideas:

Puppies for Sale:

Paint your face with white and black spots. Get a cardboard box, and paint "Puppies for Sale" on it.

Thanks to an anonymous sender for this cute idea!

Another Idea

I used the puppies for sale but I changed it some.

I used a box, cut a hole in the bottom. I found puppy material and stapled it to the box all the way around.

I took stuffed puppies and hooked them to the box so it looked like the puppies were looking up over the edge of the box. I took the rest of the material and layed it in the bottom of the box to look like a blanket and then I hooked a dog toy in the box on the material that looks like a blanket.

I made a sign on the computer that said "Puppies for Sale" and I backed it on a brown piece of paper and stapled it to the front of the box.

I'm dressing my son in black sweats and put white spots on the clothes and made one balck and one white ear, also one white paw and one black paw.

I'm going to paint his face white with a black nose and a black spot around his eye.

Thanks for the great ideas they came in very handy!

Thank to Teneil for this great addition!

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