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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

Gumball Machine:

Materials needed:

  • Black stretch pants, tights or sweat pants
  • Red or black shirt
  • Large clear plastic bag
  • Small hula hoop
  • Package of small balloons
  • Cardboard or construction paper(gray)
  • Tape (Clear)
  • String or yarn
(have the person go to the bathroom first!!) Put on under clothes. Make leg holes and arm holes in bag and some kind of draw string device to close bag at top, insert hula hoop to keep puffy and round.
Fold bag down to make a seam, thread yarn or string through. Fill with balloons and tighten string enough to where it will not fall off shoulders.
Use construction paper to make a coin drop and tape onto bag. You can also make a round hat with the construction paper for the top of the machine.
You need to tape the hula hoop in place in the bag around waist area.

Thanks to Tina for this wonderful clever idea!!!

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