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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:


You will need:

  • Large box
  • Jeans
  • Boots
  • Paint (green)
  • BIG, oversized belt
First, take your large box and make sure it is wide enough and long enough to cover the person's body from their waist to above their head.

Then, cut the box so the will be a door into the Porta-Potty (DO NOT CUT THE WHOLE DOOR OFF, CUT IT ON THREE SIDES SO THE DOOR IS STILL ATTACHED!!)

Next, cut the bottom of the box out. Paint the box a greenish color and decorate it so it looks like a porta-potty. Don't forget the Open! or Closed... sign!

After that, sew the bottom of your extra pair of jeans together AFTER stuffing them. Take the oversized belt and wind it through the jean belt loops. Then, take the belt and let someone buckle the belt at your back, so you have an extra pair of stuffed jeans in front of your legs. Put boots on the bottom of your extra jeans. Lastly, step inside the porta-potty and let the jeans hang out of the open door.

Thanks to Tyler for this fun idea!


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