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Smartie Pants:

What you need:

  • Smarties Candy
  • Pants
All you have to do is tape, staple, or glue the Smarties to your pants and you're Smartie Pants.

Quick and easy to do. It will definitely win a costume prize.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this great idea!

Another Idea

You could be a smarty pants. Wear any shirt and pants, but tape smarties the candy to your pants.

Thanks to Maggie for this addition.

Another Idea

Once I saw a mother that had dressed her two little girls up in bright colors and then taped the candy "Smarties" (still in the rolled up wrapper) onto their pants and then made a sign that said "Smartie Pants" I thought it was cute.

Thanks to Kristina for this addition

Another Idea

Wear a pair of jeans and fasten SMARTIE packages to the jeans and VOILA! You're a Miss Smarty Pants!

Thanks to Kylie for this addition

Note: In Canada, Smarties are candy coated chocolate candies similar to M&Ms in the USA. In the United States, Smarties are a sugar-candy similar to "Rockets" in Canada.

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