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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

Gum ball Machine:

What you can do is find a lot of fabric and cut two huge holes about 1 and a half yards and take plastic or see-through material and cut a hole.

Sew one of the holes (not see-through) and put it in back of you and make it like suspenders and then attach the big circle on to them. Then do one in the front of you and sew it to the other circle fabric.

Sew on the plastic material and then leave a little slot at the top open and put foam balls of all colors in there.

Sew it together and then on the bottom make it look like there is a slot for the gum balls to come out.

You should wear a long sleeved red shirt and long red pants and a rainbow colored hat or a red hat.

Thanks to Elle for this very fun idea!

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