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Unique Ideas:


Hi! my costume is a 666 (666 means very evil) ........also means devil Barney. (that is if you hate Barney!) Here's the scoop, it's really easy!

  • Big, baggy,purple, stretchy suit.
  • Two-three pillows
  • Fake blood
  • Paper
  • Purple face paint
  • Black face paint
Get purple suit and put it on. Get the two or three pillows and stuff them in the suit as it looks like your fat. Get the PURPLE face paint and put it on your face in till your face is completely purple. Get the BLACK face paint and paint a bullet hole on your for forehead. put blood coming from the hole as if you JUST had gotten shot. And last of all, make a paper gun and glue it onto the side of the head. And best of all, Happy trick-or-treating!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Katie for this neat idea.

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