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Hi, my name is Nicole, and last year, I went as an alien. What you do is dress all in black, and get a black cape. Then you can either make or buy a giant green head*. For your face, all you need is green face paint, an extra attachable eye (optional), and black lipstick.

  • 1-2 yards green fabric
  • 1-1 1/2 feet elastic
  • green thread
  • needle
  • plastic bags
Cut out a large circle of green fabric. The larger you want the head, the bigger the circle. Then, hem the ends of the fabric, but leave enough space to get the elastic through. The, when you are done hemming, pull the elastic through the space in the hem. When the elastic is through, connet both ends together with the thread. Stuff your head with plastic bags to make it stand up, put it on your head (tuck your hair under), and you're ready to go!

Thanks Michelle for this great idea.

Alien Child

Alien Child

Includes a black robe with green and silver accents, attached foam collar, and latex alien mask. Gloves and shoes not included.

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