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Unique Ideas:

Day at the Spa:

Hi my name is Emily and I have come up with an idea that my friend is doing with other friends. You may have seen my other costume idea from Miss America's Hurt, well here's an idea that you can do if you need a costume at the last minute.

All you need is...

    1. A white bathrobe with a white shirt underneath and shorts any color.
    2. A pair of slippers or sandals
    3. Light green face-paint for your beauty mask
    4. A sleeping mask (not to were on your eyes put it on your head)
    5. Paper cucumbers on your eyes but cut a hole in the middle so you can see
    6. A brown paper bag so that it say "SPA" on it then just put two strings on it so it looks like a bag from the spa
Parents use this idea it works. Thanks Natalie (my best friend) for telling me this idea

Thanks to Emily for submitting this idea!

Another Idea

I had a different idea for Day at the Spa.

All you need is:

  • Robe
  • White towel
  • Light green face paint
  • Cucumbers
  • String
  • Fuzzy slippers
First of all, this idea is for a girl. Flip your hair over your head and twist a towel around it. Flip the towel back over. Put the face paint all over your face except your eyes and mouth. Then, make a hole in the cucumber circle and tie string to it. Tape the string onto the towel.

Next, put the robe on. Wear short clothes underneath so it looks like you don't have anything on. Wear fuzzy slippers and you're good to go! By the way, love the idea! Thanks for the inspiration, Emily!

Thanks to Susan for this addition!

Another Idea

To dress up as a Spa Girl you need...


  • A white fluffy robe
  • Cute flip flops
  • Your hair up in a white towel in a turban-style.
  • Put green face paint on in a face-packy way.
  • You can create the cucumber-over-the-eyes look by making a paper eye mask. Make two circles to fit over your eyes and paint them green and put in the seeds to look like cucumber slices.
  • Carry a small toiletry bag with props such as a nail file.
  • You can keep the candy in the bag as well.
Thanks to Marcie, 04/21/1996, Rhode Island, for this great addition!

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