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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

We used a rectangular cardboard box and left one flap up and folded the remaining ones in. Cut a hole for legs.

We added folded cardboard for the "nose" of the boat secured with tape to the side with the flap up. The flap represents the windshield. Covered any openings from the nose with more cardboard.

Then we cut a propeller from more cardboard and attached it to a sucker stick with small pieces of cardboard as buffers so that when attached to the back of the boat it would spin. We added a steering wheel and dashboard (cardboard!).

We attached a net to the side of the boat filled with plastic fish from a fishing game that we had.

Next I made a fishing net with a handle on it from a short mop handle and coat hanger wire and covered the loop of the wire with fishing net. This will be what he will hold out to receive the candy in when he says "Trick or Treat". My husband hooked up "running lights" one red and one green which he can turn on at night.

As far as an outfit, he will wear in a rain slicker with a life jacket. We still have to paint this weekend. We are going with red and white stripes on the sides and blue deck with white stars. And of course a small American Flag off the back.

Suspenders hooked to the hole of the box will hold everything on.

Thanks to creative Mom Lynn for this fantastic idea!

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