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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Unique Ideas:

Green or purple leotard and tights. Green or purple balloons blown up and safety pinned to suit.
Additional help...

You will need.. purple tights, a long peice of fabric folded in half. Cut a head hole. Pin blown up balloons to it. Wear a head band with a pumpkin stem on it. Have fun...!

Thanks to another submitter for these tips!

Another idea...

To be a grape you first have to put a purple jogging suit on then blow up small purple balloons. Then get green or brown paper and wrap it around your head. That is all but for the shoes just wear tennis shoes.

Thanks to Brittney Lee for this idea.

Another Grape Idea...

What you have to do is put on purple clothes, shorts or pants, tank top or shirt. Then you get a whole bunch of purple balloons. Blow them up and tie them together, then tie them onto you until you look like grapes.

Thanks to SnowAngel for this addition.

Another Idea

One year a friend of mine went as a bunch of grapes!!! She blew up purple balloons and put them all over herself. Then she put on a brown hat as the stem. lol!

Thanks to Chelsea for sharing this idea.

Another Idea

Wear a black mini-dress with black or purple nylons. Blow up purple or green balloons and pin them all over the dress, front and back.

Get a green hat or make a head band with fake green leaves as the stem. You can spray the balloons and yourself with glitter to give it a more glitzy look. Very cute when itís all put together!

Thanks to Jennifer for this addition

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