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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Animal/Insect Ideas:


You can dress up as a dolphin
You will need:

  • Blue fabric
  • Body Paints
  • One plastic fish
You need to:
    1. Cut the fabric to make a dolphin and then make fins with fabric.
    2. Then put strings on the top, 2 with the length of your shoulders.
    3. Wear a blue shirt and pants you can either wear a blue tank and blue shorts or blue long sleeve and blue long pants.
    4. Make sure your pant or shorts have belt loops or otherwise wear a belt if your bottoms do not have belt loops.
    5 The dolphin will go sideways on you. Take the strings and pull them so they are kind of like suspenders and pull them and cut the string so they are able to tie to your belt hoops or belt - make sure you tie well double knotter. (The dolphin should start at your chest and end about your waist or below.)
    6. Then face paint your face blue and dye your hair blue, also face paint any other body part showing.
    7. FOR GIRLS ONLY Wear dolphin earrings, necklace and bracelet if you do not have any have blue earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
    8. Make sure you can walk well in costume and you might want to go to the bathroom before hand.
    9. Wear a blue hat and gloves.
    10. You can place the plastic fish in your mouth while you go around.
    11. This step is the most important and you must pay attention carefully some people do not understand this HAVE FUN!!!
This fun idea was created by Elle age 10 of Wisconsin

Here is a hint from EllE
"You have to, have to, have to, have fun! That is the key step #11 explains you need to. Have fun Trick or Treating and making your dolphin. I hope you have soooooooo much fun and are a dolphin this Halloween."

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