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Animal/Insect Ideas:

Three Blind Mice:

My idea for a costume is Three Blind Mice This year, me and my 2 Best Friends went as it.

What you must do is get a mouse tail (can get at any Halloween store) get loose/baggy black or white pants, and a black or white tank top, shirt, or tee shirt, and if you want you an get a leotard instead of the clothes.

Optional: Mouse ears. Wear hair in two high ponytails. For each of you make a sign that says: One of the Three Blind Mice Wear any shoes that go with your outfit.

For the best affect, wear lipstick, any color, eye shadow, and put glitter all over your face!! All eyes will definitely be on you!!! You and your friends are going to shine!!

Thanks to Julia in NJ for this neat idea!

Another Idea

Three Blind Mice

My 3 kids were the Three Blind Mice in 2003. It was fabulous! They all wore sweat pants and hooded sweatshirts. I did gray because I couldn't find white.

I made ears and tails from fuzzy felt fabric and attached them to the butts of the pants and hoods of the sweatshirts. Of course their faces were painted like mice.

They all wore sunglasses, and they carried canes I made out of some wood dowels, which I painted all white with red at the tip. Fairly easy and very cute!

Thanks to another Julie for this great addition and wonderful photo

Another Idea

Two of my friends and I also dressed up as the three blind mice. We wore gray sweat pants and gray T-shirts (we turned our shirts inside out).

We got three plain white index cards and wrote a number 1, 2 or 3. We made big ears from gray and pink construction paper, then we used hair clips so they would stay in our hair.

For our tails, we cut up one pair of old gray sweat pants into three long strips and then we wrapped each strip around a wire hanger and held the fabric together with rubber bands at both ends of the hanger and in the middle of the hanger (just in case).

Our canes we made by rolling brown construction paper in to a long tube and taping it. We put some red blush on the end of our noses and finished the whole look with a pair of big black sunglasses.

Everything was homemade because we're poor college students, but it didn't take that much time and it was really fun.

Thanks to Leah for this great addition

Tom & Jerry  Jerry  Child

Tom & Jerry Jerry Child

The mischievous mouse from that classic cartoon!

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