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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Animals Ideas:

Black Cat:

Hi I have an idea for a black cat:

    ~ Get a black sweater
    ~ Get black tights
    ~ Get black high heeled shoes (they make you remember to walk gracefully)
    ~ Get a long black skirt
    ~ Get a headband with cat ears and if you can't find one than use a black headband and draw, color, then cut out and tape on ears (that's what I did) ~ Use black gloves
    ~ (optional) Use a black stuffed kitten
    ~ Use black face paint or your mom's black make-up pencil and draw whiskers and a black nose (make it look cat-like, don't go crazy with it)
Do the same as above except paint your whole face white before you put on the whiskers and put pink paint on your nose instead of black use white gloves and white shoes

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this great idea.

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